Top e-commerce events to attend in 2019

This article shares information about the best and most practical ecommerce expos around the world and what you can expect to learn if you attend them.

eTail West, Palm Springs, CA

At eTail West, influencers and innovators meet to discuss future strategies and trends in traditional and e-commerce. This event attracts some of the most brilliant players in the industry, from startups to big-box retailers. They all deliver excellent insights into marketing, technology, and customer engagement, and how they come together to build the e-commerce landscape.

Retail Big Show, New York, NY

The NRF’s Retail Big Show attracts almost 50,000 professionals interested in the latest traditional and e-commerce trends every year. Speakers range from young hopefuls to big-name companies. The Big Show is one of the top events in North America for networking and gaining specialized knowledge of online retail.

eTail Canada, Toronto, ON

eTail Canada has been helping Canadian retailers share ideas, network, and discuss major e-commerce trends for almost three decades. The event hosts executives from major online retailers like and Best Buy and covers topics ranging from branding to growth strategies.

eTail Canada gives major retailers and startup e-commerce companies a chance to learn more about marketing and how to engage with the local and the international community.

eCommerce Expo London, London, UK

This e-commerce event attracts almost 10,500 retailers interested in the latest trends and strategies in online retail, making it one of the largest of its kind in Europe. If you choose to attend it, you will hear hundreds of e-commerce innovators and influencers speak on topics like IT solutions in online retail, marketing strategies, and customer service campaigns. It’s more than an event – the eCommerce Expo is an interactive experience for all companies interested in learning about the latest trends and techniques to fuel company growth in an online marketplace.

Paris Retail Week, Paris, France

This is a huge e-commerce expo, in which over 800 companies and up to 50,000 industry professionals from Europe, North America, and Asia take part. Paris Retail Week focuses on technology’s role in online retail, covering exciting topics like AI, agile logistics, and retail technology.

CommerceNext, New York, NY

This retail conference targets marketers in e-commerce. Participants will learn effective strategies in online retail, customer acquisition, and digital marketing.

The Alibaba E-Commerce Expo, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Managed by Alibaba, the biggest e-commerce company in the world, this conference is designed to help businesses in Oceania tap into the Chinese market. You will learn how to build and strengthen relationships with Chinese customers and valuable strategies to target the Asian giant’s rapidly growing middle class.

E-commerce is constantly growing and evolving, which is why it’s highly recommendable to attend at least one industry conference a year.